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Family: Liliaceae
Popular names: African lily, Blue Nile lily

Origin: South Africa

Flowering colour: different shades of blue/white.

Flowering period: July-August

Average plant height: up to 100 cm

Planting depth to base of the bulb: just deep enough to cover the rhizome.

Spacing between bulbs: 20 cm

Type of bulb: rhizome

Light requirements: full sun is essential (AM sun)

Landscape uses: borders and containers

Agapanthus is sometimes used as a border plant, but is mainly a pot plant. During the winter, the pot or container should be taken indoors and grown as a greenhouse plant.

Agapanthus are divided into two groups:

1 Evergreen group (Intermedius type, for example, variety 'Donau') which you can keep over the winter as a container plant indoors;

2 Leaf-losing group (for example, 'Blue Triumphator'), which die off before the winter and can be stored in a cool place.

Principal varieties:
'Blue Triumphator' - blue
'Donau' - light blue
'Albus' - white
'Kobalt' (a small flowering variety - 30 - 50 cm high) - blue
'Intermedius' - dark blue