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Family: Amaryllidaceae
Popular name: Guernsey lily

Origin: South Africa

Flower colour: white, orange, pink (main colour), red

Flowering period: September - October

Average plant height: 35 - 90 cm

Planting depth to base of bulbs: neck just above the soil

Spacing between bulbs: 20 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Light requirements: full sun and sheltered location (AM sun)

Landscape uses: border and container, excellent cut flower.

According to popular anecdote, Nerine got its popular name, Guernsey lily, when a specimen washed up on the shores of the English Channel island of Guernsey, thus introducing the South African native to Europe.

Nerine blooms as a cluster of flowers on a leafless stem. Each flower is trumpet-shaped, the petals curl backward. The difference between Nerine bowdenii and Nerine sarniensis is: Nerine bowdenii flowers at the end of the growing period ( Sept - Oct) when the foliage has almost withered; Nerine sarniensis flowers in September, flowering is followed directly by growth and foliage development.

Principal varieties:
Nerine bowdenii comprises 90% of bulbs available; pink.
Nerine undulata is a crispa (fringed) type; pink.
Nerine sarniensis corusca 'Major' is crimson to orange-red.
Nerine flexuosa 'Alba' is white.