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Which type of garden and flower bulb fits your lifestyle?


Test which bulb flowers are appropriate for your home decorating style.


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Is it better to plant bulbs earlier or later in the fall?

Planting times vary, depending upon your climate zone, but as a general rule, earlier is better. Bulbs need to establish strong root systems, before the frosts of winter set in and the bulbs enter a new cycle in preparation for spring blooming. Remember ...


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mMany years of flowers

Many years of flowers

The Dutch expression 'Meerdere jaren bloei' (several years of flowering) We call this “perennialising” by which we mean that after spring-flowering bulbs have flowered, they should be left undisturbed in the soil and given enough time for their leaves to wither naturally so that the nutrients they have produced can be used by the plants’ underground storage organs to prepare for the next growing season. The practice of using spring-flowering bulbs in this way actually mimics the same natural cycle as followed by perennials.

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