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I've been told that the bigger the tulip bulb, the better the flower. Is this true?

Not entirely. It is true, however, that, as a general rule, the bigger the tulip bulb the bigger the flower. But bigger does not necessarily mean better. The bulbs of a species tulip such as tulipa tarda for example would appear quite tiny beside, say, a ...


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The tulip is the national symbol of the Netherlands with which the country has become famous, particularly abroad. The assortment of tulips that is available at the moment is enormous, and still growing. That the tulip can be used as pot plant is not that well known. They can be planted in pots at home, but if you do not want to try this so-called "home forcing", you can also buy "prepared" bulbs in pots. Tulips in pots don't last as long as those outside, but they do last longer than those in the vase.

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